Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now I forget what I was going to blog about

I'm on the lap top watching Monsters Vs. Aliens with the boys.
I popped open my blog with the intentions of doing another Vegas post, maybe, but now I forget. You see when I opened the page Thing 1 points and says "Hey there's Four. Until he died." Just like that, completely matter of fact. Oh that kid.

He also decided over dinner tonight that he wants to write a commercial but he needs a video camera. When we questioned what this commercial would be for, he said beer. "It's good for you and the best thing to drink!" He was really in to this commercial idea until I told him it would cost money to film a commercial. After that he decided to go back to his previous money making scheme of having me bake brownies and him selling them for $5 a piece. I asked what he was planning on putting in these brownies that he thought they would be worth $5, he assured me that it would just be the regular stuff like chocolate and sugar.

Hmmm...I think he'd have better luck if they were laced with something more, um, adult friendly :) It would be a whole other set of clientele but they wouldn't blink at dropping $5 for a brownie!

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♥ Noelle ♥ said...

he is so funny!! what a nut!