Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is there something in the water?

My boys can be crazy and hell on wheels on a good day, but in general they're really not SO bad. Okay, the little one is insane but then he gives you that big ass grin and you can't help but laugh.
For some reason this week...OMG, I've been ready to throttle them both. I swear, it's something in the water.

The tantrums
The crying
The whining

And that's just the OLDEST!!!

We're having pictures taken on Saturday morning and then that night is GIRLS NIGHT OUT...and you bet your sweet ass I'm going to need it!!!

As a side note, and funnier note I was telling Thing 1 today that our friends had their baby. I'd link her blog, but AHEM, she hasn't posted in a year. Anyway, this is the conversation that takes place:

M: Owen and Cole have a new baby brother.
T1: What? They do? Is it a boy?
M: (refraining from the sarcastic come back of "no, their baby BROTHER is a girl*) Yep
T1: Like my baby brother?
M: Well, yes but he's just a little guy
T1: Like a little peanut?
M: Yep
T1: Or a little meat loaf
M: Well, Travis is more the little meat loaf *laughing*

*I never thought I'd be excited at the idea of having a teenager in the house but I am excited for the day that these boys get and understand my sarcasm. Of course with that will come them throwing it right back at me, but I'll reserve the right to bitch about that later :)


♥ Noelle ♥ said...

lol!! you know, last week was my week with the boys going nuts! :( gavin was on spring break and was the biggest whiney pants EVER!!!

natalie said...

Hahaha!! Travis is a little meat loaf! Love it!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Your comment on sarcasm-- and the fact that it's pointless on anyone under the age of at least 9-- is so right on. I say snarky things to G all the time, and she just doesn't get it. And what's worse, it makes me feel like a bad mommy to think-- let alone say-- them in the first place!