Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Now you find out just how spoiled I am

My mom has been visiting the crazy people my family in FL. She left last Tuesday and won't be home until next Tuesday. This is no vacation, trust me. I wasn't at all happy about her going down there but she had to do what felt right...and she'd feel way too guilty if she stayed home. So, off she went.

What does this have to do with me? That leaves me with 2 kids all day, everyday. You see, usually once a week I could drop one or both of them off and go run errands, meet a friend for lunch, do work or just sit at home and dick around on the computer doing nothing for a few hours. It was grand. I'd take her a McD's Frappe (YUM btw) and she'd be a happy camper. She loves those boys, hanging out with them makes her happy...getting a break makes me happy.
So, we're on day 8 and I'm going a bit nuts. Okay sure, I spent Friday and Saturday night drinking it up and hanging out with friends while HH was home with the kids...but so what?

Yea yea, like I said, now you find out just how spoiled I am.

My mommy needs to come home so I can have an afternoon of productivity. Not that I don't enjoy playing 14 games of Uno and rebuilding the Thomas track 150000 times a day while trying to clean, do laundry, figure out dinner...and oh yea, work...but you know, it would be nice if a simple task wouldn't take 3 hours to complete.

::points finger at self:: spoiled rotten, right here.


Stacie said...

My mom does the same thing. She rescues me often (and I only have 1). She comes over a few times a week after work, or on the weekend to keep Laney entertained so I can get some stuff done. It's lovely.

I hope your Mom comes back soon!

andrea said...

I'm with ya on this one! I don't realize how much I need her (or how spoiled I am) until she isn't available!