Friday, June 11, 2010

Potty Training

The eldest child? He didn't train until he was 3ish, I don't know the exact age. He was trained by the time we moved, and he was 3.5 then. He didn't poop in that damn toilet for what seemed like forever. Seriously getting the kid to shit in the toilet and NOT in his underwear was the biggest pain in the ass, ever.

For this reason, I don't care if his brother stays in diapers until Kindergarten. Seriously. I.DO.NOT.CARE. Sure, diapers are expensive and I hate the fact that I have to bust out WWF moves to get him to to lay down and let me change him...but I don't want to deal with trips to the bathroom or even worse, buying one of those nasty ass potty chairs. ::shudders::

I'm in no rush...I'm in no rush to put him in a big boy bed either. I don't care if he throws his food on the floor and only uses utensils 1/2 the time.
Ya know what else? He doesn't drink out of a regular cup...and I.DO.NOT.CARE. Chances are pretty good, he won't go to college drinking out of a sippy cup and wearing a pull up (although, for some of those college nights both may come in handy...)

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Stacie said...

This is my first time potty training, and so far, I hate it. My daughter is 2 and shown interest in the potty over the past 6 months. She's gone potty on it several times, but all of the sudden she refuses to use it. GRRRR.

Or, I just really suck at this.

I think to myself, diapers are so much easier!