Saturday, October 20, 2012

Political Stance

No, not mine. This is straight from the 9 year old that knows it all.

Husband was showing the boys pictures of Mars, explaining to them how they managed to get said pictures and how cool it was. There were a lot of ohhs and ahhs even though I'm sure they didn't totally understand what he was talking about.

A: So it's a robot?!
H: Yea, just like you're building in Lego League
H: Yea, it's the same basic concept.
A: We can't send OUR robot to MARS!!
H: Well, no.
A: Where are the aliens?
H: They haven't found aliens
A: I wish they would, that would be so cool
H: Me too
I: ALIENS!!!!!
A: Then we could send Mitt Romney
H: What? What does Romney have to do with aliens?
A: Then we could send him to mars so the aliens could eat him.
H: ::turning to me:: Are you hearing this?

I just pulled the covers back over my head and giggled. Ah, kids. Never a dull moment

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